Opportunities in AgTech & beyond

We’re not big believers in the success rate of job boards at landing your dream job (for more on why, see here or here). But we do believe they’re a great place to learn about the types of jobs that various organizations are hiring for, where many of these jobs are located, and what qualifications you’ll likely need as a job seeker.

With that in mind, here are the job boards we’ve found to be the most useful across the sustainable food & ag startup world:


  1. AngelList: 120+ results | Roles: Tech-focused | International | Mostly Full-Time (FT)
  2. AgFunder News: 60+ results | Roles: Mixed | International | Mostly FT
  3. Hortidaily: 40+ results | Roles: Mixed | International | Mostly FT
  4. Association for Vertical Farming: < 20 results | Roles: Mixed | International | Mix of FT, PT, Freelance

Food Tech

  1. Food+Tech Connect: 40+ results | Roles: Mixed | US | Mostly FT
  2. The Good Food Institute: 25+ results | Roles: Science/Biotech-focused | US | FT

Food/Ag (General)

  1. Good Food Jobs: 1000+ results (400+ agriculture) | Roles: Mixed | US | Mix of FT, PT, Freelance
  2. ComFoodJobs E-List: 150+ results/mo. | Roles: Mixed | International | Mix of FT, PT, Seasonal, Freelance

*AgTech X Co-Working Members Currently Hiring*

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