Introduction to Medicinal Mushrooms, Their Uses & Applications @ Brooklyn Grange

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Introduction to Medicinal Mushrooms, Their Uses & Applications @ Brooklyn Grange

hosted by Brooklyn Grange

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Brooklyn Grange
Clinton Ave & Flushing Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205 United States


Come explore the deep history humans have with medicinal mushrooms and their power to heal as we journey through this ancient world with Olga Tzogas from Smugtown Mushrooms. In this workshop, we’ll identify common types, examine how they grow, demonstrate their uses and ways to prepare them. Learn who and what mushrooms are as we look at how they help forge our immune system, showcasing the diversity of properties within just a handful of selected varieties like the Turkey Tail mushroom, Lions Mane mushroom, & the common culinary mushroom, the Shiitake.

We’ll further untangle the legendary “Mushroom of Immortality”, known as the Reishi or Lingzhi mushroom, put in everything from coffee to soaps to cosmetics as we assemble a double extracted tincture. Learn about how these divine healing heroes of the forest exist in nature and how we can cultivate a working relationship with them in our health regimens while maintaining their sacred and wild essence. Sip on long brewed Chaga tea and freshly extracted homegrown Reishi tea as we explore the ethics of this growing industry. We welcome first time hobbyist and veteran mycologists!

Topics Covered:

  • The basic life cycle and biology of mushrooms and their Fungal relatives.
  • How mushrooms exist in nature and how we can apply these methods to our lives, agriculture, health regimens and more.
  • Journey through a few varieties of medicinal mushrooms that are commonly found in stores.
  • Preparing these medicinals for both food and/or medicine.
  • Preparing the first part of our Double extracted Reishi mushroom tincture, this involves processing the Reishi and storing & soaking it with supplied grain alcohol.