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Intro to Aquaponics with Oko Farms

hosted by AgTech-X

Saturday, January 13, 2018

AgTech X
164 Meserole St
Brooklyn, NY 11206 United States


Get a detailed introduction to aquaponics – growing plants and fish in a recirculating ecosystem – from the fabulous duo behind Oko Farms, NYC’s only outdoor aquaponics farm & education center. In this extended class, you’ll learn:

  • A brief history of fish cultivation
  • The basic science of aquaponics
  • Fish selection & management
  • Aquaponics best practices
  • Basic design options for an aquaponics farm with a focus on simplicity, economic viability, & environmental sustainability

As Oko Farms will be closed during the winter season, you’ll learn all of this from warmth and comfort of the AgTech X Co-Lab, just a 5-minute walk from the farm itself. Coffee will be provided!