Intelligent Fungi Series :|: Partner with Fungi to Support Ecosystem Health

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Intelligent Fungi Series :|: Partner with Fungi to Support Ecosystem Health

hosted by Curiouseed

Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Swale House
Nolan Park, House #15
Governors Island, NY 10004 United States


“Join us to learn about the fundamentals of fungal ecology and fungi’s role in: soil health, water conservation, and community restoration. Through the dynamic lecture, group brainstorming, and community networking, we will explore how incorporating fungi in earthworks can support ecosystem regeneration.

Bring your questions, ideas and insights to help us investigate how to remediate toxins in our neighborhoods.

Jess Rubin practices listening to and reading surrounding landscapes in Vermont, the unceded territory of the Abenaki People which they call N’dakkina translated as Dawnland. While earning herbalism, nature awareness, outdoor education, & permaculture certificates, a BA from Cornell University in Ecological Literature with Native American Studies minor, & a MS in Environmental Studies with VT middle & high school science teaching license from Antioch NE, she observes earth system dynamics, witnesses trophic relationships, monitors corridors, rehabilitates degraded ecosystems, and rejuvenates recovering habitat. She founded and facilitates ecological resilience service, MycoEvolve, which through research, education, and earthworks harnesses regenerative agricultural practices to enhance habitat while restoring the watershed. Born in NYC, she is grateful to return to the area with curiosity about how mycoremediation can and is being applied in this watershed.”