Food Waste Feast with FeedForward

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Food Waste Feast with FeedForward

hosted by Cookspace Brooklyn

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Cook Space
603 Bergen Street, Suite 202
Brooklyn, NY 11238 United States


“The debate surrounding sustainability is seemingly on the tip of everyone’s tongues these days and is a topic we feel passionately about here at Cook Space. Whether it’s the whole hog or the entire eggplant, we like to use every inch of our ingredients from nose to tail and root to tip. Whether it’s a carrot top pesto or roasted shallot schmaltz, there are infinite wonderful ways to make ingredients headed for the bin, beautiful.

Join us as we create a feast of what would otherwise be wasted food fit for royalty, and dive deeper into the ways in which you can integrate these practices into your daily home cooking with a conversation lead by Feed Forward.

FeedForward is a grassroots catering collective rooted in holistic cooking. Their goal is to create a restorative food ecosystem that promotes sustainability, creativity, and wellness. FeedForward is also an educational platform, empowering marginalized individuals to find meaningful work in the food industry and ensuring everyone has a seat at the table. You can learn more by following them @feedforwardnyc.”