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NexLoop Wins “Innovator of the Year” Award

AgTech X members NexLoop, a biomimetic design company specializing in passive water capture systems to enhance sustainable food production, have won Make It In Brooklyn’s “Innovator of the Year” award. Also nominated for the award was member company GrowComputer!

Learn more about NexLoop, what this recognition signifies, and where they are headed from here – in their own words.

We are thrilled and so very honored to be chosen as Make It In Brooklyn’s first ever “Innovator Of the Year”. Since receiving the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge “Ray of Hope” Prize late last year, our team has been flooded with positive feedback and enthusiasm from diverse communities around the world. Now, to be recognized in our home city is such amazing encouragement and validation for us to keep working toward our vision of local, sustainable water and food systems.

We borrow tried-and-true techniques from the natural world. AquaWeb, our modular building facade system, passively collects water from atmospheric sources, such as rain and fog, similar to how a spider web collects water from the air. We envision new facade systems that harness freely available water in cities the way mosses and other epiphytes envelope a forest’s “built environment” with absorptive infrastructure to facilitate resilient water management.

NexLoop’s innovation is in the way we practice biomimicry to create multifunctional and integrated design strategies. Every design decision is made with natural principles in mind and the goal of ensuring that what we create is sustainable, adaptive, and cultivates conditions conducive to life. We strive to bring multiple disciplines and perspectives together into our design and collaborative research processes to help make our natural systems thinking approach more holistic and accessible to others. After all, one of nature’s most important lessons is that all living things are interconnected and must share resources in order to thrive. We seek to embody this idea in our work.

As a young startup, being recognized alongside such a phenomenal group of changemakers means a great deal to us and we are truly humbled by all of the support that led to this win. We are excited to begin the next phase of business and product development and work closely with our NYC network to bring our designs to fruition.

Learn more about NexLoop and follow their journey at and on IG @nexloop.

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