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Open Call for 2019 Class Instructors

Education has become essential to our mission at AgTech X. By hosting classes, we’ve been able to reach our audience of curious followers in a more tangible way while also granting our instructors a platform to get their message and knowledge out to passionate new learners.

In the first ten months of 2018, AgTech X hosted 28 classes led by 15 different guest instructors, with an average class size of 10 attendees. Class topics, while all focused on sustainable solutions within the food system, range drastically in their scope – from Intro to Green Roofs, to Urban Farming as a Business, to Aquaponics Build & Farm Tour, to The Internet of Plants.

Today, we’re making an open call for 2019 class submissions
Fill out this brief form to submit a class idea!

Why host a class at AgTech X? We’ve witnessed three primary benefits:

  1. Gain Exposure to a Large but Targeted Audience. Between AgTech X and our sister company, Agritecture, we’ll expose your brand to over 50,000 engaged and targeted followers. More than 7,500 of our followers are located specifically in the NYC area.
  2. Find Brand Ambassadors and New Talent. Roughly 1/3 of class participants are specifically looking for job opportunities in the sustainable food & agriculture world. Many others simply want to support organizations doing positive work in this field.
  3. Get Paid to Educate & Inspire Others. On top of increasing exposure for our partners, AgTech X has different revenue-share models depending on our instructors’ goals and marketing reach.

You’ll unlock these benefits without the headache of promotion, ticketing, and finding a suitable venue – sit back and let AgTech X handle that. Plus: beginning in 2019, instructors who commit to teach at least two classes for the year will gain the ability to be added to the AgTech X website (2,300 visitors per month).

Yemi Amu, founder of Oko Farms – NYC’s only outdoor aquaponics farm & education center – taught seven variations of her “Intro to Aquaponics” this year. Yemi said:

Teaching at AgTech X has been a wonderful opportunity for Oko Farms. Their office space is beautiful, which facilitates a pleasant learning experience for workshop participants. The best part is that every workshop is a collaboration; the AgTech X team provide support, insight and feedback at every level to ensure the success of each workshop.

Alan Burchell, founder of Urbanstrong – a NYC-based green building consultancy – taught his popular Intro to Green Roofs class multiple times in 2018. In his own words:

I look forward to teaching at AgTech X for a number of reasons. Firstly, it provides a large space to host classes for Urbanstrong’s followers and potential clients. The space itself is warm, inviting, and has all the amenities of a quality presentation setting. Through AgTech X’s own outreach, Urbanstrong gains exposure to a whole new market segment. Finally, since I mostly deal with architects, developers and building owners, I enjoy the opportunity to connect with and educate the general public about the benefits of green infrastructure.

Join us in educating a new wave of brand ambassadors & career transitioners.
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(Please note: preference will be given to current AgTech X co-working members and previous instructors.)

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