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Farm-to-City: The Logistics of Local Food around the World

A quick note from AgTech X Co-Founder Ricky Stephens:

We’re stepping a little outside of our comfort zone to host our next speaker series and panel discussion on May 22nd.

As a small and lean startup team, we’ve had to be extremely disciplined at focusing our attention on specific topics within a specific geography at AgTech X. To date, that’s meant honing in on Urban Agriculture & Sustainable Food System issues as they pertain specifically to the New York City area. Furthermore, as business owners often do, I’ve personally struggled to relinquish control of the topics of conversation being had.

That’s why I’m extra excited to be hosting this panel. First, we’ll be hearing from 6 leaders of organizations who, either directly through their work or through their personal life journey, have been part of local food & sustainable farming movements in different parts of the world. What do we take for granted when it comes to our own movement here in NYC? What lessons can we take from movements afar? The conversation will push us to get outside of our New York bubble.

Second, I’ll be traveling myself, so this event will be hosted & organized mainly by Co-Lab Member Dan Nelson along with two active members of our community – Corentin and Pádraig. I’m thrilled to see them take the reins for a night.

This event comes at a good time to reflect on the progress we’ve made at AgTech X and the work we have in front of us, as we opened the doors to our first office almost exactly 1 year ago. As we enter Year 2, my number one priority is to find more opportunities for our community to lead the conversation. I hope you’ll consider giving it a shot.

On that note, here’s what we have in store for May 22!

A speaker series to explore local food & sustainable farming movements around the world; followed by a brief panel discussion and Q&A driven by the audience.


  1. Ethan Frisch, Burlap & Barrel

    Ethan Frisch is a native New Yorker, entrepreneur, activist, chef and the founder of Burlap & Barrel, a direct trade spice company. He was previously the cofounder and Executive Chef of Guerrilla Ice Cream and a humanitarian aid worker in east and west Africa, Afghanistan and the Syrian-Jordanian border.

  2. Ana Prada Páez, 3colibris. 

    From Colombia, founder of 3colibris. Weaver and facilitator in the marketing strategies of agriculture and sustainable projects in Latin America.

  3. Yemi Amu, Oko Farms

    Co-founder of Oko Farms and the Farm Manager at the Moore Street Farm. She directs all of Oko Farms’ programs including education,  design/build projects and community related activities. She has facilitated the creation and maintenance of 20 edible spaces (in NYC) at schools and community organizations including a rooftop farm in Crown Heights and a 1/4 acre farm at the Weeksville Heritage Center that included poultry and bees.

  4. Matthias Resch, CDi

    A Finance Professional and Economist who is also co-founder of the non-profit organization CDi – Community Development International. CDi is a grassroots, volunteer-led organization fostering sustainable, ecological & harmonious communities, urban & rural, in the US & abroad. Matthias brings to the table over ten years of experience traveling to Haiti and working with agronomists in the fields of agriculture and reforestation.

  5. Shelley Golan, Our Name Is Farm

    A native New Yorker, Shelley’s primary interest lies in the intersection of food, farming, media & marketing. She is the co-founder of Our Name Is Farm and Harvest2Order, a member of the NYC Ag Collective and a junior board member of the Food and Finance High School in New York City.

  6. Philip Teverow, Yolélé Foods

    Food industry veteran Philip Teverow is the co-founder and CEO of Yolélé Foods Inc., a social venture centered on commercializing the ancient African subsistence grain fonio. Yolélé innovates on three tracks: agricultural productivity, industrial efficiency, and market development.

Tickets Available Here!

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